Personal Air

The air we are most concerned with is the air that we breathe. The quality of air surrounding us. And it becomes imperative to monitor and control what we and our loved ones breathe, especially if they are sensitive to pollutants – an asthmatic child or parent. This knowledge is the beginning of our solution that gives every individual the power to manage their personal environment.

Globally, technology is disrupting Medical & Healthcare delivery systems. We are in sync with this global trend in our development of smart wearables and connected technologies empowering patients and health care professionals.

For health care professionals it not only qualitatively improves patient monitoring and care but also allows scalability by weaving it into mainstream healthcare solutions.

Besides solutions for conditions with Covid, SERs, and MERs related origins, our solutions for individuals are useful for:

  • Asthmatics and those with pulmonary and breathing issues
  • Health-conscious citizens of all ages
  • Individuals engaged in sports – indoor or outdoor, and those pursuing an active lifestyle -cyclists and runners
  • And for every citizen who is concerned about the quality of air that he/she is inhaling.

My Air App

WHO estimates 400 million suffer from Asthma, with over 400,000 deaths due to Asthma every year. The most popular Asthma treatment medication and drug delivery are through an Inhaler. In an attempt to increase the efficacy of the treatment, we studied the feedback from the health care professionals and users; our solution is The My Air App with the patented Smart Inhaler.

My Air App provides:

  • Enhanced self-care – medicine compliance, you will not miss a dose again.
  • Enhanced management – Digital intelligence: track the usage, get real-time information on patient condition, and correlate with the environment parameter.
  • Enhanced outcomes
    • Insights on behavioral patterns,
    • Data-Driven Treatment and Analytics for doctors and healthcare professionals
    • Improve the cost-effectiveness of trials and streamline drug development
  • Complete respiratory care solution:
    • Inhaler Management, usage tracking and reminders, location and time record
    • Hostile environment alerts
    • Analytics on trends, vulnerable environments & advisories

Point to note, our SI does not intervene with or change the medication or dosage; it simply ensures compliance.

Smart Inhaler

  • Patented
  • Canister agnostic – the medicine is as prescribed by a doctor
  • Sensors and processor built-in
  • IoT, ML, and AI driven
  • Robust, designed, developed, and made in India

Baby Care

Are you aware of the invisible killer in your baby’s room?

Babies are especially vulnerable to air pollution and the damage to their growth, both physical and cognitive, can be long lasting, even permanent. Our specific solution aimed at baby health, helps concerned parents to safely nurture their babies through this crucial phase.

Digital Babysitter
Our comprehensive solution monitors the quality of air which your baby is inhaling, on a real-time basis and provides mobile alerts and advisories. You can either intervene manually or allow our integrated solution to enable a safer environment through smart home devices.

Be one step ahead, be a smart parent!

Health impact

Smart Industry

Industry 4.0 demands seamless planning & integration of Men , Machines, Movement to optimally enhance production.   One of the key aspects that impact Manufacturing is the Energy and Environmental impact on the Business.   Several of the Costs incurred (Compressor – DG sets – Turbines – Air conditioners) are directly dependent on Ambient environmental Conditions.    Hyper local Weather / AQ data from PAQS helps in optimal performance of these machines with minimal energy & environmental costs, thus enhancing performance, productivity and profitability of Industries.

Smart Cities

PAQS offers a comprehensive solution to Smart City planners to make the city an environment-friendly, livable city.

Our solutions provide hyperlocal air quality and pollution data, with the platform itself built on robust and secure services. These conform to international security standards for sensitive data; sensitive since the data includes location and time-related information.

These solutions are optimal for townships, gated communities, schools, and university campuses.

We have designed, developed, and deployed a range of environmental sensors for outdoor use:

  • Environment Sensor
  • Rain Water Sensor
  • Flood Sensor
  • Wind Speed & Wind Direction

Our IoT based solution for Smart Cities provides:

  • Continuous monitoring of the sensing devices and thus highest availability; ensures the various sensors used in the device are operating as per manufacturer mandated specifications. This delivers higher data accuracy, the city can anticipate sensor degradation, and overall operating costs and downtimes are reduced.
  • Continuously improving prediction and alert intelligence. This will be made available to local Urban Bodies as and when available.
  • Advanced analytics and correlations with third-party weather data and local data. This includes historical trends and predictions. This gives the city planners the flexibility to not only use sensors from various suppliers but also to be able to employ best practices and learning’s from global locations.
  • A solution to data limitations – as the platform allows correlation with other environmental influences, and map cross pollutant sensitivity.
  • Isolated data management for device data and pollution data for maximum security. Pollution data is completely anonymized and will contain only the unique device identifier. Device details, locations, etc. are maintained at an elevated security level.
  • Ability to provide near real-time alerts as the platform leverages distributed and auto-scaling architecture.
  • Device details and pollution data are delivered to the Integrated Smart City platform through secure APIs.

Detect and measure

Smart Buildings

For businesses focused on providing a more conducive environment to each employee, to improve employee health, morale, and productivity, PAQS comprehensive Smart building solutions provide some quick and easy answers.

Given that indoor air is normally more polluted, and with the increasing frequency and impact of airborne viruses, it’s now imperative for an organization to monitor the quality of air its employees are inhaling.

Pollutants measured:

  • PM10
  • PM2.5
  • CO
  • VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • CO2
  • Others (O3/ Radon/ etc., – based on application areas)

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

At the heart of our solutions for buildings – offices, schools, hospitals, and hotels, is the indoor air quality monitoring  System(IAQMS). Compact, with multiple sensors, our Air quality monitor accurately captures indoor pollution parameters. Its compact size and unobtrusive design allow for it to be placed at hot spots and high traffic areas in buildings.

The devices have a local display system.  The devices have data backhaul through GSM / Wi-Fi or seamlessly integrated with BMS through Modbus. Our data-driven solutions, leveraging ML, AI and analytics, provide real-time updates, hourly forecasts, as well as actionable insights. Metrics like personal exposure assessment, history, trend analysis help management best deploy their resources.


PAQS provides APIs, accurate raw data, and devices for any environment quality-related research. Scientific studies are aimed at discovering and understanding new information about air pollution. We have worked closely with premier research organizations while developing our solution and testing the accuracy of our sensors.


PAQS has closely collaborated with hospitals to study the impact of air quality on an individual’s health. These studies have helped in the development of the Smart Inhaler. Healthcare providers can benefit from our offerings in this sector. 

Dynamic Pollution Mapping

We developed the world’s first Dynamic Pollution Mapping solution when we successfully mounted our outdoor environment sensors on mobile platforms.  This was first used in the Jaipur Smart City program (Rajasthan, India), with the sensors mounted on city buses. The real-time, dynamic pollution data captured by these buses as they crisscrossed the city, was invaluable in quickly providing snapshots to the urban planners.

Solutions for different pollution situations

In our endeavor to improve the quality of life for every city dweller, we are uniquely placed with our domain knowledge and team to offer a wide range of solutions. Additionally, we work with various organizations whose needs may be for basic data, curated details, analytics, and insights or a combination, or a comprehensive solution.

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